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Steve is ON IT with these tailpieces. A neat little box arrived today and I promptly tore into it. Inside were my first of many shipments of these tails. I immediately took my "Holy Grail" 1959 Junior and tossed it on the bench for a tailechtomy. Before I installed the new Pigtail, I took three original and the pigtail and laid them on the counter so that some customers could compare them. I had a newish original, a worn original and a beat original plus the new Pigtail. Dropping them on the glass counter (nicely, of course!), the tone of the ring on the Pigtail was right in there with the ring of the originals. For kicks I dropped a Historic tail and it definitely clunked more than rang.

I then proceeded to antique the new one a bit and install it on my favorite Junior in the universe. Steve called as I was test firing it through an Aircraft Atomic 20.


The look is right, the feel is right and the tone is EXACTLY like the original that is sitting on the bench. I have TonePros locking studs on the guitar, and the combination is nearly perfect.

Anyone that is not sure of this tailpiece, put your fears to rest. Steve and I talk for HOURS on the phone about this stuff (wait 'til you see what ELSE is coming....) and the man is a detail prince as well as a great machinist.

Greg Platzer
BCR Music and Sound


Anyone considering ordering these from Steve should know something............he is absolutely amazing to deal with!! During the process of deciding what I needed (3 tailpieces total) he was super friendly in his e-mails and willing to answer any and all of my (pretty tedious) questions. Any concerns I had were immediately answered and I was reassured that I would be happy.

Customer service and satisfaction are definitely something he is great at!! Not to mention the great products!

Thanks Steve.........can't wait to get those parts on my guitars!!

After receiving his tailpieces:

I second PIGTAIL!!

These are THE best, THE most accurate, THE most intonatable bridges being made...........you WON'T be disappointed.

Mirko Dujmovic

I installed a Pigtail light weight tail piece on my 2003 Standard and I think it sounds great! Adds some acoustic qualities, and seems to make things a bit more open and clear. I am shocked a tail piece can have such an impact.

"Lightweight Tailpiece = mellower, warmer, more midrange"

My LP sounds more like an LP with the Pigtail aluminum piece. It actually sounds thicker.

the aluminum tail rounded out the tone and made it smoother with more mids to my ears.

Rich Veeck
PaperSoul on
the Les Paul Forum

The top bridge, made by Steve Rowen, is lower and lighter (MUCH lighter) than other similar types. The guy is a master machinist. If you could see some of the things he has made for the space industry (molds, gizmos, and stuff that has flown to the moon) you would know he is as good as there is. Lately, Steve is more interested in breaking into the guitar world with his ideas and products because he is a great guitarist and would rather offer products that help us git-players rather than make parts that will help us land on mars. He has done some very tricky repair work for me on things that others couldn't fix (such as removing and plugging the trem arm hole on an otherwise perfect '54 Strat). He did the machine work on the bridge mentioned and there is no trace that he bored, plugged, and tapped the worn out threads (and a crooked, misplaced hole from the factory). I would keep my eye on his products if I were you. He's a special dude.

Dan Erlewine
Guitar Repairman

I've got two of Steve's 50's tailpieces, and they are the real deal. They're the perfect match for my PAF style pickups, Just what I needed for my original 58 Les Paul, and my 59 Historic

JM Rolph
JM Rolph Pickups, and Rewinding Service




Just wanted to tell you that the intonatable tailpiece I put on my 54
Goldtop has made a bigger difference than I ever would have believed in both the tone and the playability of this guitar. Having been
refretted and worked by Dan Erlewine and having TonePros studs and
intonatable tailpiece, it sounded pretty good but still had tuning
stability issues up and down the neck.

When I got your tp and installed it, it took some tinkering with stud
height and trussrod, but eventually it came out to lower action, more
ringing tone, and the most noticeable difference of all -- for the
first time since I have owned it, this guitar plays true in virtually
all positions! open chords and 9th fret barres in Gimme Shelter are in
tune with one another!

Now it has only been a week, and I am always skeptical of gear-related honeymoons, but so far this is the best $80 I have ever spent on gear.

Wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Submitted via Pigtail Music Web site.


I finally found a bridge that works for my Framus Akkerman
guitars. This bridge made by Steve Rowen is perfect.
I've tried a lot of wrap-around bridges and was never satisfied with
any of them. This bridge is exactly what I have been searching for!
Thanks Steve!
There is more information and testimonial on my web page at

Trevor Stewart
Submitted via Pigtail Music Web site.



Hello Steve -I've now bought 2 of your stopbar tailpieces and one of the "Blem" stopbar tailpiece. They are FANTASTIC! Even the "Blem" is nice. Better than I was expecting. I am enjoying them on my guitars. THANKS.

Submitted via Pigtail Music Web site.


I'm always looking to improve my tone. While most of it comes from my fingers it's undeniable that the right components on a good guitar make it easier to get your tone. I bought two aluminum stop bars from Steve as well as an intonable wraparound. The stop bars were put on my 335 and Les Paul standard. The difference in tone was immediately apparent. I did not think my 335 could sound any better. It does. So does my Les Paul. The biggest shock for me though was when I installed the intonable Pigtail aluminum wraparound on my Koll Super Glide Almighty w/ P-90's. I had a TonePros steel intonable wraparound on it and it just sounded harsh. It also felt harsh in a tactile sense. I was really disappointed so I bought Steve's Pigtail wraparound. The difference is night and day. It plays so much better and it's got tone for days. I mean it really opened up and made a really great guitar even better. Spend your money here. You will not be disappointed here!!! Nice work Steve!

Michael Pyles
Submitted via Pigtail Music Web site.


After I installed the Pigtail tailpiece and studs on my '58 Reissue Les Paul, I was so impressed I had to get a second set for my R4. Unbelievable quality and a definite improvement in tone. The Pigtail studs fit so much more snugly than the stock ones that it's unbelievable. Steve also gave me same-day service because he knew I was already in the process of doing a setup on my R4.

The Pigtail products--and particularly the studs--have made an average guitar sound exceptional. Kudos to Steve for building a better mousetrap.

John Elwood
Submitted via Pigtail Music Web site.

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